fixes for ulrem,umount,tar,tcsh,ps,vmstat,apropos,pstat,rk

Over the past 2 years several bug fixes for 2.11BSD accumulated, and over xmas break I finally found the time to communicate them to Steven Schultz. Steven was so kind to package them into two new patch files

Together, the patches address the following points

Note: In case you wonder, as I did, why 2.11BSD survived 20 years with a broken unsigned long % operator:

For the full story of all the above consult the header of the patch files.

The patch files are available from and Note, that Steven changed the packaging some time ago, the patches are now packed in bzip'ed tarballs in groups of ten patches. So you'll have to look into
2016-12-11: Remove not longer accessible URL of patch archive.
For original note to 2.11BSD users see posting to archived on