Inspired by the example codes collection SYS2.JCLLIB in the MVS 3.8j Tur(n)-key 4- System I wrote a whole array of test and benchmark codes organized in cases which address different programming aspects

and languages which yield now a total of 105 test and benchmark jobs. All the above is now available on GitHub under wfjm/mvs38j-langtest with plenty of READMEs on all aspects:

The jcl of the jobs is generated by the hercjis script due to the 3-dim matrix structure (case,compiler,job-type) of the project.

Enjoy and let me know any comments you might have.

For original posting to Yahoo! Group - turnkey-MVS see topic 10795. Login required. For the benefit of those not having access to Perl the full set of ready-to-submit jcl files was uploaded to turnkey-mvs/files/