Hercules vs Sim390 - a comparison

Michael Short was so kind to run a s370_perf version ported to MUSIC/SP on his Sim390 emulator based system. The different OS should have no sizable impact on the measured instruction timings since SVC and privileged instructions, which depend on system response times, aren't covered. A reference run with Hercules 4.0 on the same host CPU is available too. The data and full analysis is under

The key findings are

The overall summary is that Hercules has a much more efficient handling of instruction fetch and decoding and virtual to real address mapping.

Any remarks and comments are very welcome.

2018-12-27: MVCIN, CLCL and TRT performance significantly improved in Hercules Release V4.1, see this short note.
For original posting to Yahoo! Group - Hercules-390 see topic 84175.