GitHub herc-tools V1.0 released

My small collection of tools for Hercules and MVS 3.8J Turnkey Systems is now available on GitHub as project wfjm/herc-tools in release 1.0.

The project contains tools for the handling of batch jobs in a Hercules plus MVS 3.8J environment, specifically

hercjis should work with all OS running on Hercules. hercjos and hercjsu handle, at this point, only output from MVS 3.8J systems with the JES2 configuration distributed with the Turnkey Systems, tk3 and tk4-.

The tools were initially developed in the context of the wfjm/mvs38j-langtest and wfjm/s370-perf GitHub projects which now include to herc-tools as submodule.

The large number of different batch jobs created in the mvs38j-langtest project called for a tools to build them on the fly form building blocks, and after a few design iterations hercjis was born.

Both mvs38j-langtest and s370-perf involve a large number of jobs. Checking them manually quickly gets boring, so hercjsu was developed to quickly analyze the job output, check for aborted steps, and to create compact summaries.

I hope these tools are also useful for other applications.

For original posting to Yahoo! Group - Hercules-390 see topic 83266.