Download Sources

All sources are contained in the GitHub w11 repository.

Download Pre-Build Bitfiles

Tarballs with ready-to-use bit files and all logfiles from the tool chain can be downloaded for releases since w11a_V0.60 from this site. This area is organized in folders for different releases. The tarball file names contain information about the release, Xlinix tool, and design

Download OS Kits (disk and tape images)

Tarballs with ready-to-use operating system images can be downloaded from this site. The tarball file names contain information about OS and media type

See section Systems for more information.


Admittedly still rudimentary documentation can be found in the doc directory, specifically on

The shell commands in tools/bin have man pages under tools/man/man1 which are also available online.


A list of all releases is in the section Releases. The release notes are given in