Major releases are labeled with bold tag fields, while minor releases are labeled with italic tag fields.
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Release Date commit README Comment
(0.797) t.b.d. planned oskit update; ouxr update
(0.796) t.b.d. planned dev xxdp
(0.795) t.b.d. in work DEUNA buffer chaining
HEAD today - CHANGELOG state of master/HEAD, the bleeding edge
w11a_V0.794 2023-02-09 03ef66e CHANGELOG asm-11 finalized; mcodes documented
w11a_V0.793 2023-01-12 8fc44a4 CHANGELOG w11 CPU xxdp clean; closes #36, #37; ECO- 035, 036, 037, 038, 039, 040
w11a_V0.792 2022-10-25 9ca20e3 CHANGELOG consolidate test bench, ostest; drop Nexys4; cleanups; viv 2022.1; closes #24, #25, #26, #33, #34, #35; ECO- 031, 032, 033, 034
w11a_V0.791 2022-04-24 7ec5be2 CHANGELOG GitHub actions; Vivado 2020.1; ostest; finalize Nexys A7 (closes issue #16)
w11a_V0.79 2019-07-27 1742dfa CHANGELOG use SPDX license tags; Vivado 2019.1; Coverity defect free; TM11 odd record length (closes issue #8)
w11a_V0.78 2019-06-01 279fff9 CHANGELOG add M9312 boot prom and DZ11 serial port multiplexer
w11a_V0.77 2019-04-28 0bdd9f1 CHANGELOG buffered LP11,PC11,DL11; ECO- 030
w11a_V0.76 2019-02-16 5a3c40a CHANGELOG DDR memory support for Arty A7 and Nexyx4 DDR
w11a_V0.753 2018-12-29 b8dfa6d CHANGELOG add KW11-P clock, CPU performance counters, 'ram:' disk
w11a_V0.752 2018-08-26 40d4868 CHANGELOG Add Digilent Arty S7 support; only simulation tested ! ; Vivado 2017.2
w11a_V0.751 2018-08-10 f78b571 CHANGELOG Add Digilent Cmod A7 support; Vivado 2017.1; add Unix 7th oskit
w11a_V0.75 2017-06-04 5d3504b CHANGELOG DEUNA Ethernet interface added (functionally restricted); 2.11BSD with full networking
w11a_V0.742 2017-01-07 a6bbe47 CHANGELOG Fixes for Vivado 2016.4; added w11 shell; Preliminary Digilent Nexys4 DDR support; two minor CPU fixes, ECO- 028, 029
w11a_V0.741 2016-12-23 51cb648 CHANGELOG moved from OpenCores to GitHub; docu converted to markdown
w11a_V0.74 2016-10-15 5983b0b README upgraded CRAM controller; new test bench driver
w11a_V0.73 2016-06-26 2b5cfb7 README Code cleanup for Vivado, more xsim support; Size-configurable cache, better w11a performance
w11a_V0.72 2016-03-19 e1479d4 README port of w11a to Digilent Arty A7; support for XADC; initial Vivado xsim support
w11a_V0.71 2015-12-30 677773d README Add CPU debug and monitoring units (dmhbpt,dmscnt,dmcmon); ECO- 027
w11a_V0.70 2015-06-21 f514906 README from 0.6 -> 0.7; revised rbus protocol; Vivado support; Nexys4 and Basys3 port; RP/RM and RL11 disk and TM11 tape support
w11a_V0.66 2015-06-05 24fde41 README Support TM11/TU10 tapes
w11a_V0.65 2015-05-14 4a032e9 README Support RH70 + RP/RM big disks
w11a_V0.64 2015-03-09 e91847f README Support for Vivado; port of w11a to Digilent Basys3 and Nexys4; RL01/RL02 disks
w11a_V0.63 2015-01-04 dde49d5 README w11a rbus interface and C++/Tcl backend now use rlink v4 features, much reduced number of round trips
w11a_V0.62 2014-12-20 d87ac86 README Introduced rlink protocol v4 (see README_Rlink_V4)
w11a_V0.61 2014-08-10 093d540 README Bugfix for DIV instruction; ECO- 026
w11a_V0.60 2014-06-06 46331ca README from 0.5 -> 0.6; revised ibus and rbus protocol; backend server rewritten; Nexys3 port; Cypress Fx2 support; LP11,PC11 support
w11a_V0.581 2014-05-29 4732555 README Fixes for ISE 14.7; Spartan-6 CMT support; more man pages
w11a_V0.58 2013-05-12 200ba69 README LP11,PC11 support added; old backend retired; operating system kits re-organized
w11a_V0.57 2013-04-27 b06cbef README w11a systems with rlink over USB on Nexys2 and Nexys3 boards
w11a_V0.562 2013-04-13 99de989 README Phase 2 of new C++/Tcl backend, add cpu and first device support; add asm-11 assembler
w11a_V0.561 2013-01-06 29d2dc5 README Add bugfixes, Cypress FX2 simulation model, and test designs for Nexys3 and Atlys boards
w11a_V0.56 2013-01-02 cbd8ce3 README Add Cypress FX2 USB interface controller; FX2 firmware supporting jtag access and data transfer; test system for rlink over USB verification
w11a_V0.55 2011-12-23 f6775f7 README Add xon/xoff (software flow control) support to serport library; Add test design for serport verification
w11a_V0.54 2011-12-04 f2d0f39 README Add Digilent Nexys3 port of w11a
w11a_V0.532 2011-11-20 d76323e README Add test design for 'human I/O' interface; migrate to use numeric_std
w11a_V0.531 2011-09-12 e152956 README Prepare upcoming support for Spartan-6 (Nexys3 and Atlys) and Cypress FX2 USB (Nexys2/3 and Atlys)
w11a_V0.53 2011-04-17 0f28def README Introduced new backend written in C++ and Tcl. Phase 1 with functionality to execute simple test benches
w11a_V0.52 2011-01-02 c3d40ba README Introduced rbus protocol V3; reorganize rbus and rlink modules, many renames
w11a_V0.51 2010-11-28 16ce5b2 README Introduced ibus protocol V2; Nexys2 systems use DCM; sys_w11a_n2 now runs with 58 MHz
w11a_V0.50 2010-07-23 3266c23 README Initial release; w11a CPU core; basic set of peripherals; KW11-L, DL11, LP11, PC11, RK11/RK05; complete systems for Digilent S3BOARD and Nexys2