Running Systems

The project holds all the sources to synthesize a complete system. Complete configurations for several boards are currently part of the project, the Digilent S3BOARD, Nexys2, Nexys3, Nexys4, Basys3, Arty A7 and CmodA7 boards. See section Features: Complete Systems for details.

So far two UNIX systems have been successfully booted on the w11a:

See section Systems Images for details, including links to the disk sets.

Known Issues

There are some known difference between w11a and 11/70 and also known bugs in the current w11a implementation (see They affect the behaviour in cases like fatal stack errors or certain double faults which don't occur in the normal operation of an operating system, and if they happen, in general lead to a crash anyway.

The known differences are not considered worth fixing them, while the known bugs will be addressed in future versions of the w11a core.

Given that the w11a boots 2.11BSD the cores are considered 'Design Done' and 'FPGA proven'. The USB based Rlink interface and the backend software perform very well. Given the loose ends listed above the project is still considered 'Beta' quality.