To say something nice first: OpenCores is a very nice directory service for open source hardware IP-cores.

But the repository and project page services haven't been updated for many years. In addition, OpenCores suffered two major breakdowns lately:

But the re-installed OpenCores featured the same outdated services, essentially a plain subversion server with a WebSVN based viewer (in version 2.1.0 released 2008 !), a very rudimentary and restricted CMS for the project pages, and very few project tools.

So it was natural, and even overdue, to move from OpenCores to GitHub:

The bottom line is easy to descibe:

w11 repository:
w11 project pages:

The OpenCores w11 project stays as 'frozen project' and entry in the IP-cores directory.

Note: The last productive state of the w11 pages on OpenCores is caputured by the Internet Archive, see snapshot taken on November 18th, 2016 archived on