Travis based CI/CD workflow added

Initial setup (2018-09-16)

Travis offers under a nice environment for CI/CD workflows, even free of charge for open source projects, and easy one-click integration with GitHub. Under the given limitations of the Travis environment, like no custom containers, as well as memory size and execution time limits, it was obvious that neither the generation of FPGA bitfiles with ISE or Vivado nor the generation of simulation models with GHDL (which needs Vivado/ISE UNISIM libraries) is feasible. The more limited goal was to verify the proper functioning of

The simulation models are built separately outside of the Travis CI/CD workflow, packaged as a tarball, and uploaded to a server. That must be done each time when the VHDL codebase is changed and must be done before the code is committed to GitHub and the CI/CD is workflow triggered. Not nice, but the best possible solution given the constraints.

In September 2018 only Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (trusty) was supported by Travis and that allowed to set up a build matrix with

Each job has the steps

For details see .travis.yml of commit 04c4b5d7.

Ubuntu 2016.04 LTS available, extended build matrix (2019-01-04)

Finally and after much popular demand, Travis provided in January 2019 Travis Ubuntu 2016.04 LTS (xenial). That allows extending the build matrix to

Note, the newest gcc is available as backport under Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

For details see .travis.yml of commit dd7cdfec.

Note 2021-06-15: Travis was acquired by Idera, Inc in January 2019. Rumors said, that a few weeks later a big portion of the old Travis team was fired. Since June 15th, 2021, the building on is ceased. No free of charge support for open source projects anymore, only paid services on The commit 6b8c0633 removes Travis support on August 22nd, 2021.