For all without a good private library of original manuals, the document archive of historical DEC manuals comes to the rescue. Another good source of original manuals was the former UQ Museum of IT archived on
. They are now archived in the folder tree at and marked with a (UQ).

But be aware that all manuals are under the copyright of DEC, now held by HP.

General Handbooks

PDP-11/70 Processor (KB11-C and FP11-C, also KB11-B FP11-B)

PDP-11/70mP and 11/74 Processors (KB11-CM, KB11-EM)

PDP-11/45 Processor (KB11-A, KT11-C, and FP11-B)

The 11/45 is essentially an 11/70 without cache, massbus and 22-bit addressing, but otherwise very similar.

PDP-11/44 Processor (KD11-Z, KK11-B, FP11-F, KE44-A)

The 11/44 is a low-cost 11/70. 22-bit addressing and cache, but without Massbus. Only UNIBUS peripherals. The last PDP-11 built from descrete components.

J11 Processor

The J11 is an ASIC implementation of an 11/70 with a small number of added and a some removed features.

Peripherals - System Devices

Peripherals - Character Devices

Peripherals - Communication Devices

Peripherals - Disk Devices

Peripherals - Tape Devices