Currently, there are three other openly available FPGA implementations of the PDP-11 architecture:

Naohiko Shimizu's POP-11:
a PDP-11/40 with MMU and EIS, boots UNIX 6th edition from an IDE disk. Written in SFL. The POP-11 sources are open source, the SFL-to-Verilog converter unfortunately not. See also a proceedings paper on POP-11 submitted for the Asia and South Pacific Design Automation 2004 conference. Naohiko's motivation is to 'Reincarnate Historic Systems on FPGA with Novel Design Methodology' and use this in teaching, see his presentation given on the ICCD 2009 ( abstract, slides, and proceedings).
Brad Parker's FPGA PDP-11:
currently a PDP-11/34 but soon an 11/44, boots RT-11, RSTS V4, and 2.9 BSD from an IDE disk via an RK11 emulation. Written in Verilog. This project evolved independently of the w11 on an essentially parallel time scale. See also SD Times Article archived on
Sytse van Slooten's PDP2011:
another PDP-11/70 implementation, in VHDL, runs on several Xilinx and Altera-based FPGA boards.